Faith [Donati Clan #1]

Faith [Donati Clan #1]

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Previously known as "The Moth and The Flame"
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Dahlia Costa's life has been a rollercoaster that she wants to keep it hidden, along with her new discovery. She is a free-spirit and tries to find the silver lining in everything, that is what fascinates Matteo the most.
Matteo Donati is part of a dangerous organisation and is the one that creates the laws. His number one priority is his business, but that doesn't seem important as someone has just walked into his life.

Follow Matteo and Dahlia's story. They clearly have feelings for each other, then what's stopping them? What is her secret?

Author's note: This is the first book from the Donati Clan saga. 
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Dang what a way to start a book xD! I can't wait to see where this books takes Me 💕
KingAndreaa KingAndreaa Aug 06, 2017
Man, my heart is shattered into a million piece this poor girl.
KingAndreaa KingAndreaa Aug 06, 2017
I think she better throw that a*s in a circle and try to survive !! 😭😫
Regurik777 Regurik777 Dec 30, 2017
What type of cancer? unless its a general term of the word cancer
Regurik777 Regurik777 Dec 30, 2017
What an unlucky cancer and shes an orphan what next?
KingAndreaa KingAndreaa Aug 06, 2017
Awe hell nah! Why ? Why she have to be dying !? Like... what if she dies later... dear author, you have broke my heart in the first 5 minutes