The Girl Who Runs

The Girl Who Runs

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Zoë Ann By Bosch_Records Updated Feb 22

Amelia Revers is a werewolf. Despite how most wolves live she doesn't live within a pack, she's a loner. And has been ever since her family was slaughtered. At the time she was only ten and had yet to have her first shift, unable to protect her family. She watched idly as a man destroyed everything she knew and loved, unable to protect her mother, father, and younger sister. On that night she was left alone in the world as she ran for her dear life. 

Running, forever from the one who killed her family and won't stop at anything till she joins them beyond the grave. 

From that night on her will to live was so strong that she managed to force herself to shift in a crisis at the age of twelve when she was going to be killed by a rouge wolf. And due to that the consequences were disastrous, her wolf was forever immature and wouldn't mature to her full potential. Not to mention the odd fits of insanity that would take over her a few times a month. 

A curse from the Goddess who created them all, that the wolves grew to simply call Psychosis due to the effects, if anyone ever tried to force a shift before the right time. With no cure from this curse Amelia had to deal with it and strengthen her wolf as much as possible until the day she would stop running. 

To stop running from the death that trails closely behind, and to face it and destroy it to avenge her family that didn't deserve to die. 

She had a one track mind, getting stronger and kill her enemy. Never thinking about a mate, much less want one, never expecting to run into her mate either. 

All she wanted was to destroy the rouge pack that was known for attacking and killing anyone just because they wandered too close whether they were human or wolf. But she hadn't expected a nearby pack to raid the rouge camp the same night she destroyed them. 

The Devil's luck hadn't been on her side that night,  not like she would accept anything from the one she was running from.

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WreKer20 WreKer20 Mar 26, 2017
Rouge is red in French, or a type of make up.
                              Now unless there are psychotic cancan dancers hidden in the forest, you're looking for the word rogue.
Snow_Ever Snow_Ever Feb 15, 2017
Dude why you making thm so freaking cuteee😢😢😢 my eyes are watering yo!
Snow_Ever Snow_Ever Feb 15, 2017
Ima kill you bish .He is sexist monster.......sorda.And he poisoned one of the best Daddys ive seen
annalux annalux Sep 24, 2016
I love your story😱❤keep up the hard work!! Could you please read mine
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Really...Really! Already what 5 minutes in and my mascara is running yay!