new girl // janthony

new girl // janthony

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Jasmine Cephas Jones is a struggling actress just out of college, looking for a role to play. When she discovers there is an opening spot in the musical 'Hamilton' she jumps at the chance. Now known as the new girl to the rest of the cast, she makes friends with the one and only Anthony Ramos. But one night their friendships leads to something more and Jasmine must make hard decisions to protect her and Anthony. But will their relationship survive the challenges they face? 

{janthony  |  anthony  x  jasmine}

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when I had a musical (willy wonka jr) I was violet beauregarde, my friend was violet's mom but she was also 5 different characters so it was scary waiting for her to change quickly when i was in my position ahaha
                              why am i sharing this
*clears throat* I have a song for all of you tonight *sings* GROOOOOOFFFFFFFFSAAAAAAAUUUUUUCCCCCEEE
Anthony calm the frick frack diddily dack patty wack snick snack crack pack slack mack quarterback cracker jack biofeedback backtrack thumbtack sidetrack tic-tac down.
You can see them dancing together during 'Helpless' and in the beginning of 'Satisfied'
All I think of when I see "New man" or in this case, "New girl" and I can think of "IN NEW YORK YOU CAN BE A GNU MAN"
They say the price of my love's not a price that you're willing to pay