She's My Girl

She's My Girl

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Daniella Rawnby By NouvelleThalia Updated Nov 16

Sophia Anna Rayne.
Beautiful, intelligent and shy, this 17 year old could have any guy she wanted but all she wants is  Luke. In trying to win him back, she ended up doing something she never thought she'd do.

They say "You never end up with your first love for a reason" and Sophia had to learn it the hard way.

All she wanted was a second chance at love,  will she get it ? Or has the universe plan something else for her?

@NouvelleThalia. This book is going to be a big hit in no more than a month. 
                              I love the story and the first chapter is awesome:) hope you keep writing
Just got around to see and read this! Thank you for the dedication girl, your writing has definitely improved just over the course of such little time, that's amazeballs! ❤️❤️❤️ make sure to keep it up and know that I'll always be here for ya ;) ❤️
hahaha why was this just sitting in my library for so long??