Adopted By Zalfie

Adopted By Zalfie

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SuggStar67 {L I Z} By blackmoons- Completed



Meet Lily. She's lived in a care home all her life. Until one day where Alfie Deyes and Zoe Sugg save her from the horrible place and give her in a warm home. 
  But even though she has now got parents, for Lily it's not as easy to fit into a family that is so popular. There is the hate from fans, the constant media attention. It's like a rollercoaster, life has its up moments and its down moments.
  Completed @SuggStar67 Copyright 2016.
  (Cover by @silvermoons- )
  Sequel OUT Called : Sticks & Stones SEQUEL

Purplity Purplity Sep 24, 2016
I'm really glad I read this! Very interesting so far! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
awkwardteenager14 awkwardteenager14 Sep 10, 2016
I feel bad for her because she can't escape the bullying 😢 I wonder who is going to stop the bullies. I love your style of writing, the chapters aren't too long but they are still really interesting :) amazing work!