Superficial, With A Rotten Soul  ➶  [ rants, etc. ]

Superficial, With A Rotten Soul ➶ [ rants, etc. ]

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˗ˏˋ sex goddess ˊˎ˗ By PrincessNymphadora Updated Nov 29

Welcome to the dynamic, whimsical, and undoubtedly seductive mess that is, my life. 

The following book documents the many trials and tribulations of a narcissexual, adolescent redhead, who happens to be very much prone to the following; uncomfortable liaisons with the opposite sex, radical changes in music taste, extreme daddy fetishes towards the likes of Ian Bohen and Jon Bernthal, rather sweary outbursts, and occasional acts of mild sexual deviancy. 

Feel free to read on if you too are addicted to aesthetically pleasing actors, sophisticated literature, The Walking Dead, British soldiers, and naturally, me.

MariHxoxo MariHxoxo Nov 18
Same!!!! We are so alike. (Save for le confidence. Lol *sips  frappechino*)
One day I'm going to come to London and mix you one of my world famous Cosmos and get you drunk af 😎
Lol the notification popped u and my first thought was OOOOO NEW BOOK BY MEG lol i cant wait to hear your new book of mischief and you are seriously the QUEEN of selfies im jealous XD have a good day honey xoxoxo
I wondered xD. You book was farrrrr from boring but hey, new year, new start 😊
Ahahaha, same, sweetie.  The first time I came to London the place I wanted to go to first was Whitechapel.