Welcome To Fake Hogwarts

Welcome To Fake Hogwarts

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Fake Hogwarts By FakeHogwarts Updated Jan 12

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Wanna become one of the Harry Potter Series characters? Well come on in! There are hundreds to choose from! You can even become one of the Dark Wizards! Join the club and raise your wand potters! Get the chance to get sorted as well as compete with the Death Eaters! Get distributed in  different houses and compete through different competitions! 

This book will contain everything about the book and the new updates as well as the books which are going to be published...get notified about all the upcoming competitions just by adding this book in your library and following us!!

Awesome cover by @mercurous!

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Hey, I wanted to do something like this and couldn't think of a title
                              Can I please use something close to your title if this book?
Clevator Clevator Mar 08
Hey! I just think you missed out Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasely. I'd be glad if I could be Teddy 😁😁