The Dragon Legacy

The Dragon Legacy

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Dorehfish By Dorehfish Updated Jan 02, 2011

When a man and his five year old daughter Kira move to the edge of a humbled town in the middle of nowhere, no one suspects that the youngest of the two the most powerful being alive. Kira is a Dragon Erin; the once brave race of Erin that was the wisest, and most dangerous, of all other Erins – beings who can shape shift to take the form of a mythical creature. 

But the Maloura – mere humans – wanted to control the Erin Races, so they overtook the Erin’s by putting fear into the very hearts of them; they wiped out the Dragon Race. Or so they thought... Kira had just been born when her mother, the supposedly last of the Dragon Race, died. 

After years of hiding, now she’s on the run; the only place she deems safe is one of the school for Erin’s, but how will the year turn out?

Dorehfish Dorehfish Feb 25, 2011
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