The Alphas Possession

The Alphas Possession

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"Its not what it fucking looked like Aubrey!", he shouted running his hands through his hair in frustration.
    "I know what I fucking saw!! Leave me the hell alone and go back to your fucking whore!!!", I snarled with so much hate he flinched at my words.
"Baby I...."
"Just leave please", I whispered feeling the fight leave my body. I felt so empty that I just wanted to sleep and never wake up again. 
"This isn't over Aubrey. Your mine and I wont fucking stop till you understand that. What happened with her was nothing but a misunderstanding", he snapped storming out of our bedroom finally giving me the space I craved. 
That night I cried myself to sleep over
 and over again...

Warning: Sexual Content!

Read at your own risk xxx

I loved this, you write very good as well, love how you just throw the reader into the story and introduce the characters quickly...I hate books that have no introduction to the characters involved in the story. Thanks for doing that and you also get an A+ for Werewolves... love ya!
Xoxo-Mine Xoxo-Mine Nov 24
For some odd reason the girl on top looks like a more adult like version of Camila Cebello
Stanlight Stanlight Nov 04
Got me thinking like hmmmmm...these two *finger tapping lips*
marina-vega marina-vega Oct 30
Isn't it funny how girls are always the crazy bitch to guys? lol it's like if all your Ex's are crazy I wonder what made them so crazy hmm lol