Adopted By Andy Biersack

Adopted By Andy Biersack

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katysixx By katysixx Updated Dec 07, 2013

Katy is a 16 year old girl who's been in a orhpanage since she can remember. She has trust issues because when ever she does trust someone it gets thrown right back at her face. 

But one day some one decides to adopt her. The last person she expected.

Andy Biersack.

But along the road with BVB things will be bumpy. 


"What the hell Andy!" Ash yelled.

"What?" Andy said his voice just as sharp.

"She's just a fuckin little girl! And she saved your ass, she could have easily told the doctor chick that it was you! Not the fuckin orphanage! She's too scared to come down because of you! She's fuckin starving herself up there!"

"I didn't mean it." Andy said so softly it made my heart ache.

"Sorry doesn't cut it this time." Jake said.

I heared footsteps then for the second time today the door open and close.

Okay so I suck at this summery thing but just ready the first part then judge. I did the summery short cause I doubt you want to read a page long summery.

Enjoy Bridemaids!

smolkilljoy03 smolkilljoy03 Jul 03, 2017
I see most band members that way..  Because im v v gay but I read x readers andcfanfic because its interesting
I see almost all bands that way be I’m way too young, and I read fanfics because it is easier to imagine the characters
missie_kbear missie_kbear Apr 15, 2017
my life tho 👌 my family doesn't like that i'm emo they say it's the reason i'm depressed & they try to get me to not wear all black & i'm like "bish please -.-, i'm fabulous"
kissmyasshoes kissmyasshoes Jan 03, 2017
She's falling asleep listening to him sing while he's sitting right in front of her...Has anyone noticed that?
GamingBabe GamingBabe Jan 04, 2017
I'm a bit ashamed of how many days I've been clean for, heh.
JoshieRios JoshieRios Oct 06, 2016
Same. I would like him as a brother and a dad, tbh. Not like that... Ew. He's my hero