King of Alpha's

King of Alpha's

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Walter Woodard By SexWithSupernaturals Updated Sep 24, 2017

Nikolai Dalo is the son of his packs Alpha, he didn't get the Alpha gene; no instead tiny Nikolai is gifted. 

He's a prophet of Luna, every prophet is an Omega, but not every Omega is a prophet. 

In Nikolai's world prophets are treated like treasures, in Nikolai's world so are Omega's.

One day Nikolai stops hearing the goddess's voice, he's plunged into a world of unimaginable terror. 

That day is the day he discovered his mate, the king of every Alpha from every dimension. 

This story is a product of one of my short stories, if you read my book of oneshots then you'll know this story. 

If not I must warn you... it's quite graphic, there's rape... sucide attempts and a whole slew of other triggers. 

read at your own risk.

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  • lgbt
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Tazzle001 Tazzle001 Jul 26, 2017
I don't know, if the Goddess abandoned me so that my mate could rape  me I'd be mad at everyone , but especially her. It would make me question my faith and whether I would leave her behind. That's me ,but betrayal would do that to me.
Master_eve Master_eve Aug 15, 2017
Yooo he's dead bruh omg that guy prob had a family and was killed cause the act was simply humorous omg damn I hate that guy
sharonfirth1982 sharonfirth1982 Sep 12, 2016
i have been looking so forward to reading this im so glad you finally got a chance to rewrite it i really can't wait for the next chapter.
rwayne08 rwayne08 Feb 24, 2017
So Sebastian is not completely without feelings and consideration.
sharonfirth1982 sharonfirth1982 Feb 27, 2017
did you change the pic of thamos? who is he ive seen him somewhere before put i can't remember where.
sharonfirth1982 sharonfirth1982 Sep 14, 2016
i have a feeling Sebastian is gonna get more than he bargained for in Nikolai lol. I hope nikolai gives him hell. great chapter can't wait for the next.