Sasuke X reader

Sasuke X reader

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Sasuke was a popular kid but one day in school you two were paired together, later that day you slept with him, you were pregnant and Sasuke denied the baby. What happens next.


Modern day

Me: * takes out bowling ball and stuffs it in sasukes mouth * 
                              Sasuke: * dies *
                              Me: * marries Kakashi-senpai *
I was raped by a duck
                              Kakashi- .... 0_0 It-it didnt happen at the park did it? 
                              😡 I MEANT SASUKE-TEME NOT AN ACTUAL DUCK!!!!
Kakashi want to come in. And I don't mean the door. 😏 sorry I said that I just had to. Kakashi is bae.
Its getting hot in here 
                              (So hot)
                              So take off all your cloths!
I dont like Sasuke, im just reading this cuz it sounds cool
                              But come on sakura, no one likes dat hoe
Pregnant yep u should have use the condom u know what that's what u get for doing the devils deed