Sasuke X reader

Sasuke X reader

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Sasuke was a popular kid but one day in school you two were paired together, later that day you slept with him, you were pregnant and Sasuke denied the baby. What happens next.


Modern day

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*hits her with a newspaper several times* DONT KISS MY MAN YOU BITCH!!?
ilovesasukeXD ilovesasukeXD 3 days ago
So I realized I've read this story before jsut didn't finished it. Another thing I realized is that I didn't comment anything so let me fix that ahem........ HE'S TRYING TO FUCKIN RAPE US!!!!!!!
Wait how tf do you know where i live? *goes closer to his face* Boiii have you been stalking me? 😐😐😐
WHAT?!! *slaps him* Boiii i am not just pretty. I AM FLAWLESS AND I SLAY EVERYDAY 😄😉
I'm going to cut your throat if you don't Shut up forehead....
Ew this is professional I didn't even read it I prefer the story Hitler's Pineapple