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Seasonal Islands (WoF :3)

Seasonal Islands (WoF :3)

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Royal By -Royal_Flames- Updated Nov 16, 2016

Well, looks like we've found more islands far off the coast of Pyrrhia. Lets see exactly what we'll find... (Bad description is bad ik...)

RoseMist3554 RoseMist3554 Nov 15, 2016
Name: Cavern
                              Age: 5
                              Gender: Female
                              Sexuality: Straight
                              Tribe: Sea/Skywing
                              Job: Rouge (along w her family)
                              Rank: Nupe
                              Abilities: Animus
                              Looks: Youve seen her silly
                              Items: Sapphire necklace (holds great importance to her family's history, never takes it off)
Scourge_lover156 Scourge_lover156 Oct 29, 2016
Name: Plasma
                              Age: 10
                              Gender: male
                              Sexuality: oh so homo
                              Tribe: SkyWing (with NightWing and IceWing mixed blood)
                              Job: rogue
                              Rank: none
                              Abilties: Blue-fire, large wings, very weak animus powers
                              Looks: I'll be posting a picture of him in my art book soon
                              Items: black and white striped scarf
-Royal_Flames- -Royal_Flames- Sep 25, 2016
                              :P here ya two go to start off
scorpion_the_hybrid scorpion_the_hybrid Sep 06, 2016
Name: trout 
                              Age: 6 
                              Gender: female
                              Sexuality: straight 
                              Tribe: sea
                              Abilities: normal seawing abilities 
                              Looks: in my art book 
                              Items: pearls wrapped around her horns 
                              Crush: shipwreck (if that's ok @MoonFeather3120 ?)
RoseMist3554 RoseMist3554 Oct 16, 2016
@henies @imawolf-dog @scorpion_the_hybrid @TwylaWeeping @Spiritwolf5251 
                              Anyone on who wants to RP with us?(me, Hydra, and Scourge)
Malcom0704 Malcom0704 Sep 03, 2016
'11. Limit your swearing to mild words' *gasp* but that gets rid of 1/2 my vocabulary. (Obviously I'm actually fine with it)