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(It gets better as you read I promise.)

"It seemed like the air was so thin you could poke it with a needle and it would snap."

She's wasn't very lucky. She handled a loss and she handled a traumatic scene. She handled herself and tried to steady her mind. Dylan has become more isolated and  quiet. Socializing isn't just her priority anymore. Well it never really was.

Dylan Willow has moved from Washington to California. Her motive is to keep her head low in school. Her senior year is nothing  special as she wants to get it over with and move on. Knowing that her "friends" from Washington don't bother to keep in touch, she decides to keep it that way and let her be alone. Then it changed. 

And yet she encounters Ryder who's rumors define him. Does she change these rumors? 

Now here's something else, has Ryder handle a traumatic scene? Handled himself and steady his mind? I guess he hides behind his so called "typical cocky" exterior. Let's see if Dylan's the hammer. But, who breaks her? Her past, or him? 

This book may take you on an emotional ride. This book deals with mental stuff. If anxiety is too much for you to read about please read at your own risk or not at all. I want you to feel comfortable reading this. 

Please do not copy this book, plot,storyline or basis of this book in any way, shape, or form. This is my own story that I have created and spent time planning so do not steal it in any way. If you wish to write something, do not write

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I would've been like
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