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Dylan Willow hasn't had a lucky childhood. Mainly because someone she cared for and cherished vanished from her arms. As she fought through only two years ago has her past became darker. 

Having to move because of that terrible incident was rough. Her only thoughts were to not let anyone get close and learn of her past two years ago. She just needs to get though senior year unknown and keep her head low. Moving from Washington to California is a big move. 

Dylan is a very closed off girl. Doesn't like to socialize anymore and likes to stay unknown and hidden. There are many ways she expresses herself. But she expresses all the sadness and trauma. 

Thinking that all she needs to do is keep quiet, but that took her far beyond what she intended. By the one and only.

Ryder Carson. Typical popular guy. Has popular friends. Great at sports. Slacks off in class even though he's pretty wise. Such a waste. Screws over plenty of girls and plays too many girls. Inconsiderate too girls. Doesn't care one bit about their feelings.Also somewhat obnoxious and cocky. Typical.

Dylan doesn't expect what happens as she encounters Ryder, but so much for keeping her head low. 

As Ryder tries to figure out more about her and become closer, both are holding secrets that will hurt one another. They will not be able to look at each other the same way they did before if their secrets leak. 

Will their secrets spill and both become hurt and in danger? Or will one spill first, but gets hurt by doing so? But both forget to breathe. 

This book will take you on an emotional ride. This book deals with mental stuff. If anxiety is too much for you to read about please read at your own risk or not at all. I want you to feel comfortable reading this. 

Please do not copy this book, plot,storyline or basis of this book in any way, shape, or form. This is my own story that I have created and spent time planning so do not steal it in any way. If you wish to write something, do not write mine.

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