The Unexpected.  (One Direction FanFiction)

The Unexpected. (One Direction FanFiction)

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~ By Callmemaybe Completed

[COMPLETED]. During the Christmas Holidays Maribelle Amie moves to London, England. This fellow Canadian from British Columbia is very talented and open minded.   She meets a boy named 'Zayn Malik' while she was enjoying some fresh air. They instantly bonded and spent most their time together. Sounds pretty normal right? Wrong. Maribelle has no idea that this boy is about of the Heartthrob British Boy band 'One Direction'. Once Zayn found out that Maribelle can sing quite well,  he instantly asks her to join them on their mini UK/Europe Tour. As for the rest? You're just going to have to read. What will happen? Will they fall in love? How about the rest of the boys? Will they fall in love? 

MillyJauregui_ MillyJauregui_ Feb 16, 2016
Eu sou a única leitora brasileira por aqui? Estou tentando ler, meu inglês é intermediário, mas até agora estou conseguindo, haha :3
SIO1dfangirl SIO1dfangirl Jul 11, 2016
People say that it always snows in Wisconsin, but it reality I have sunburn from being outside for about 25 minutes today
THG_Johanna THG_Johanna Oct 26, 2016
I'm from British Columbia and trust me it does not snow 24/7 I like barely ever get snow. But we do get a lot of rain.
usedspace usedspace Dec 06, 2015
I am from Alaska and every time I tell people that their like "do you have polar bears" like bitch I wish I had polar bears.
Hemmo-1996xx Hemmo-1996xx Jul 26, 2015
I was reading the intro and I was like yasss Canada then I read British Columbia then I was just freaking out cuz I live here too
mariaa_clara mariaa_clara Jun 07, 2015
I'm brazilian and I started to read your Fic now and i love it. ❤️❤️