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Genji x reader

Genji x reader

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Leos By Ltleos Updated May 27

holy, I haven't been on in like months and whOOPs sorry. I probably won't be continuing that "hi I'm Mark" or some shit. idk, I've started go like leafy a lot more. But forgive my absence even thought no one reads my stories lmao. Hopefully this will cover it. The reader is they and them since I'm too lazy. Plus guys like to read this stuff to Y'know. I'm sure y'all know these keys by now, but if you don't, rip my friend its 3 am when I'm writing this.

DlCali DlCali Apr 15
In this sense I would go with apprentice (seeing as you are a healer and mercy is also a healer it would make sense that you are her apprentice of sorts)
heebyjeebys heebyjeebys Sep 11, 2016
Well, AND your a cyborg that can't do a lot of things. But then you can do a lot of things that people can't do.
So congrats on 100 votes(the 100th one was given by me) and I am excited for this story! It sounds REALLY CUTE! And I love cute! So yeah...keep up the great work!^-^
Why am I imagining myself doing an hyperventilation crisis in the back of that place where nobody can see me?