Love and Swing (Xenovia X Reader)

Love and Swing (Xenovia X Reader)

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AJ Torres By Relentlezz41 Updated 4 days ago

High School DXD is one of my favorite Anime series as far as ideas go. Most of these fan fiction writings are about Rias, Asia, and Akeno but this chick has something about her. The way she tries to "force eggs" on Issei and carries around protection is hilarious. She seems monatone but is sweet and kind hearted. But in all honesty she wants purpose in her life, good people around her, and wants to enter motherhood. 

I've been thinking about this for a while and I'm going to play around with this. Bending things around is what makes Fanfiction great. 

A fallen angel has came into your path. You readied your sword (Sword Name or SN) and prepared to fight. But you couldn't keep up with his wings and taken flight. You had the fastest swing and the agility to dodge but you couldn't dodge the almighty spear of light. One right through above your kneecap and the other through your shoulder. Before you see the black you see a guy and two girls with red and blue hair. And that's where it all started.

I do not own anything related to High School DxD but it's one hell of a story.

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AdrenalNightmare AdrenalNightmare Nov 22, 2017
I forgot does she actually have a name? Beside being a Familia
Kuishinbo Kuishinbo Nov 20, 2017
Yea "Study" *throws pencils into ceiling for hour and a half*
Ghost___catrias Ghost___catrias Nov 25, 2017
Kurai is a literal translation to dark......nothing holy about a sword that drains the blood from its victims
Kuishinbo Kuishinbo Nov 20, 2017
Ye'yinde has no religion, She devours what she wants without hesitating. Light, darkness, good and evil.
Shockwave017 Shockwave017 Sep 29, 2017
Can it be the Transformers: The Last Knight version of the original Excalibur.
Eclipsethedemon Eclipsethedemon Oct 25, 2017
If only it was lower I could've made an arrow to the knee joke