Loving Mekhi (boyxboy)(plus size)

Loving Mekhi (boyxboy)(plus size)

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louiistyles By louiistyles Updated 6 days ago

Mekhi aka Bigboii2000 is an online sensation, for the gay adult entertainment industry that is. Mekhi has always struggled with his weight and sexuality. 

When he turned fourteen Mekhi decided to turn to the Internet for some comfort, the Internet is a big place, there has to be some people out there who's appreciate him for who he is, right? 

Now sixteen, Mekhi has been making online videos and livestreams for two years. Technically, he's doing it illegally since he is underage. But it's a secret source of income and most importantly, he feels loved and appreciated. 

Then comes Sabel, an incoming senior at Brimswall Highschool in the Bronx. Of course, as soon as Sabel arrives he's already gained all of the popularity. Why wouldn't he? He's lightskin, has got light eyes, curly hair, and a great body. Your stereotypical good looking boy. 

Little does everyone know, Sabel has got a secret. He's got a fetish for plus sized people. Girl, boy, it doesn't matter. If you've got a few extra pounds on you, he wants you. And he'll do anything to try you out. 

Once he spots Mekhi,  he already has plans made for him. 

But despite getting attention from the new, sexy boy at school, Mekhi doesn't realize that you've got to look past the outer core and find someone's true intentions.

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analayneana analayneana 5 days ago
Boy you better hope and pray that none of those people ever find you😩
😂😂 I say niglets all the time, I beber really heard anybody outside of my family say it
I definitely will and I'm just going to keep reading all of your books until you update one of them again lol
shookeley shookeley Aug 07
Is it bad that I laughed 🙁 no fair can't do this to a person with amazing humor .
shookeley shookeley Aug 07
😭 eating dosent help , I eat so much and not a damn thing happens .
So you ain't waste no time, straight into running?? Nah I'm sitting this one out