Septiplier Smut

Septiplier Smut

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smutty_marky By smutty_jackaboy Updated 2 days ago

WARNING: contains dicks, language, humor, fucking, Mark, Jack, kinky stuff, and MAYBE gore (for dark x anti) 

Every chapter will be smut. I'll only make a part two for one of them if I am asked. 

There will be dark x anti, jackseptikitty x mark

Sorry if you read and it hasn't been updated in a long time (I know, it ticks me off when I see other people do it but I do it) just know that I will be able to update as soon as possible.

-_-Idfk_Icarus-_- -_-Idfk_Icarus-_- Nov 30, 2016
When I saw this description I was like
                              Dicks Dicks DICKS DIIICCCKKSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!
DiamondWinters DiamondWinters Nov 18, 2016
I'd love to know where you found the cover art. I'd like to see the whole thing. :)
BlairZadilka BlairZadilka Oct 25, 2016
You cant put smut in every chapter and expect them not to get horny
IzziDreme IzziDreme Oct 13, 2016
OK please donate to my construction of the holy water pool!💷💷💷💷💷
Gracie_chan16 Gracie_chan16 Oct 13, 2016
I read "don't get to horny reading this" and I was like TOO LATE AND I HAVENT EVEN READ IT YET😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
feminineross feminineross 2 days ago
I'm sitting next to my mom and grandma, let's hope I can keep from laughing and smiling and squeaking and wheezing and making inhumanly noises