Why Do You Care!? (Fonnie Yaoi) { Story On Hold}

Why Do You Care!? (Fonnie Yaoi) { Story On Hold}

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 By alphyneship23 Updated Nov 10

Bonnie's uncle died and his other uncle becomes alcoholic, he has to go to high school instead of being home schooled, kids come and bully him, making him go through depression

A new Student Foxy comes and falls for the purple boy, but Bonnie thinks he's just gonna be another bully

Will Bonnie ever trust Foxy?.....what would it take for Foxy to prove him worthy of his trust?, Also if you don't like it don't read it! dead serious

@alphyneship23 my name is Leslie just not double s....... I am shocked is this a coincidence or something?
alphyneship23 alphyneship23 4 days ago
yes....one of the reasons why Bonnie feels comfortable having a boyfriend