Stories of an Immortal

Stories of an Immortal

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Lauren By ClarityAndObscurity Updated Jan 03, 2011

Brandon Pierce could be just like you or me. He's a gorgeous twenty-eight year old Brit with hair so dark it was almost black, eyes so green that they would make emeralds envious and a body that was well, let's just say chiselled beyond perfection. 

Yeah, Brandon could be just like you or me, but he isn't. You see, on the outside, Brandon may look twenty-eight, but in reality he was much older. How much older you ask? One thousand years, give or take.

So, he's a bit old? He's still insanely good-looking, right? What's the problem? Nothing really, unless you count the fact that Brandon kills people for a living. And boy, is he good at it. He may even enjoy it.

Still want to get to know him? Go ahead, I'm not stopping you.

In this candid telling of a millenia of memories, follow Brandon Pierce as he tells you his story. A story that has a beginning you won't believe, and an end you won't see coming.

ClarityAndObscurity ClarityAndObscurity Jan 11, 2011
@jusaii What? Killing people? Haha :) Yeah im sure its great....
SydClair SydClair Jan 03, 2011
Ooo la la. I love the haunting introduction of Lorraine! I'm just a huge bit of a softy, so when I read that little flashback, I definitely felt a lot more connected to him. Awesome work :) 
ClarityAndObscurity ClarityAndObscurity Jan 03, 2011
Chapter One is up. I'm so brilliant that I puched it out in two hours. Go me.