Starbucks and Oversized Sweaters

Starbucks and Oversized Sweaters

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"Why do you always wear sweaters?" 

"They make me feel safe." 

"I could do that for you instead."


It's winter in the middle of Wisconsin. In a small little Starbucks at the corner of town sits 20 year old Ariel Matthews holding a small cup of Starbucks hot chocolate. Her Starbucks uniform sweater a tad too big, but still comfortable, and her long black hair thrown up into a messy bun. Just the way she likes it. She's sat behind the counter, every now and then getting up to help the one or two customers that walk in for an evening drink to warm themselves up from the freezing wind. The sleeves of her sweater cover half of her hands, keeping all but her fingertips warm.  With a sweet smile and a light wave, she bids the customers farewell and relaxes back into her chair where her book awaits her. Getting lost in the word of fantasy and romance once again. 

That is until he walks in the store. He was applying for the newly opened spot as an employee. The spot she was hoping wouldn't be filled, even though that meant double the work for her. She enjoys it, helping the customers and watching the happy smiles on their faces as they drink their coffees and laugh with friends. Enjoys the free moments she has to sit and wait for the next customer, to just bask in the overwhelming smell of fresh coffee brewing behind her. It was peaceful, always. So when 20 year old Axel Stone came in to apply, her world changed completely. 


Started - 9/6/2016 Completed - 7/31/2018 ❤️
Highest ranking: #1 in YoungAdultFiction - #82 in Fiction section! 

This book contains Mature content. Recommended to 17+. Deals with sensitive topics and mature content - such as violence, profanity, and some sexual content. Read at your own risk - 
Grab your tissues, scoop your ice cream, and hold on for the ride! 

Beautiful cover done by @nerfpiper ❤️ Thanks so much for making it, love! I absolutely adore it.

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