I Saved All My Love For You

I Saved All My Love For You

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presleysangel By presleysangel Completed

When the moon goddess tells a wolf to go somewhere, he goes, no questions asked!

Jack doesn't know exactly where he's going, or what to expect when he gets there, but he goes anyway.

Jill has been an orphan since she was four.

The moon goddess told her to save all her love for him and one day HE would come for her.

Jack shows up!

Is he who the moon goddess promised her so long ago?

Will he accept all her love or is he too filled with pain to let her in?

Only the moon goddess knows!

How convenient that the teacher might ask that what kind of classes that
gosh i loved this first part in this chapter it nearly had me crying
StefLena StefLena Sep 09
This is another amazing story. I can't wait to continue reading this one, because I know it will be great. Keep up the great work.
OMG, I was thinking he was the same age as her , like what's an 8 year old doing with a mate
StefLena StefLena Sep 09
Jack, you have not only found yourself a new home, but you will also  find a New Love. Hurry up and fall down that Hill Jill, Jack is waiting for you.
She should get her stories published! Amazing opening love where its going in a unique way unlike other werewolf books, yes definitely this story has so much potential.