Blind Love (GasterBlaster!Sans x Blind!Reader)

Blind Love (GasterBlaster!Sans x Blind!Reader)

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TigerUniverse By TigerUniverse Updated Mar 11

"hey (y/n)!! Wait for me!" (F/n) calls

 "Catch me if yah can (f/n)!!!" You say, Running around the corner. 

You start to walk. Then bump into something. You go to look to see what, or who it is. Only to be stopped. A boney tail, wraps around you and your thrown into a wall.
 You fall off the wall. Looking up. Seeing a skeleton dogs face. Then
                                     then Everything went black

SilverDragon23 SilverDragon23 Nov 04, 2016
Frisk: *Accidentally hits me with the door*
                              Me: There's a door there.
                              Sans: *Chuckles*
is_it_punny_or_funny is_it_punny_or_funny Oct 03, 2016
                              "COMIC! SANS!"
                              *a pause 
                              "bro I'm so proud"
Frisk: *accidentally hits me with a door*
                              me: ouch... guess you must really adoor me Frisk
                              Sans: *chuckles*
                              Frisk: *also chuckles*