Kicking It (RWBY Melanie X Reader)

Kicking It (RWBY Melanie X Reader)

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AJ Torres By Relentlezz41 Updated 2 days ago

Melanie Malachite a minor character  (as of right now fans like myself want her having a bigger role) along side her sister Militia work at a club. They work as girls that attract men what seems like an escort by really kicks the crap out of them and robs them blind. Melanie has the perfect looks and fighting form to do so as well. 

Presently it's a weeknight at the club. Junior is at the club ordering others around. Militia is trying to find another victim but Melanie was in a sad mood. Something was bugging her. Until a new face shows up changing their lives forever.

I do not own RWBY and don't have anything to do with Rooster Teeth but she's a character fans want to see more of outside of a trailer and five seconds of storyline.

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RaginSavage RaginSavage Nov 27, 2017
I never knew he had a baseball to go with his bat that’s also a bazooka
Atomic-Candy-Bomb Atomic-Candy-Bomb Dec 17, 2017
*starts to pick up pieces of the fourth wall* you guys going to help or not,
kiritokirigaya618 kiritokirigaya618 Apr 09, 2017
I must admit those are creative names for the blades. I like it.
I read it like jaun and I'm like there's no mexican brethren here
Uchiha_Izuna0 Uchiha_Izuna0 Nov 22, 2017
Sounds a bit like amenotejikara I think, when sasuke does the high speed teleportation substitution thing
Aliving32 Aliving32 Aug 01, 2017
Try listening to panic at the disco That Green Gentelman while reading the last part