Snow White With Red Hair ( Truth Or Dare)

Snow White With Red Hair ( Truth Or Dare)

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........(¿°¿)........ By toshikikai2 Updated Dec 25, 2016

Hi everyone. So I made this book to make it funny you know what I mean.  I am not good at these kinda thinks but I hope you like it and please make any request for any of the characters. Now "request" are open ask any thing you guys like as long as its a truth and dare. 

The cover is made by @candlelights-
Thanks for the cover.


Now bye~~

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Yuika_chan04 Yuika_chan04 Aug 06, 2017
I dare Izana to do 'it' with Zen
                              when they sleep at night. 😆😆😆
PhantomDragonz PhantomDragonz Dec 04, 2016
I want Zen to walk around the castle without his shirt on, saying every now and then "I LIKE PEPPERONI PIZZA" 
                              :3 halp me...
Endershine92 Endershine92 Sep 03, 2016
I dare Zen to wear a pink fluffy dress
                              For 5 weeks or 10 days Obi has to chose
Silenterrorgirl62205 Silenterrorgirl62205 Dec 19, 2016
Let shirayuki get dared by the chief herbalist saying shes gonna kiss the second prince of clarines ( because my is growing!!!!!!!)
HeyitsNeo HeyitsNeo Dec 24, 2016
I dare zen to scream 'HAKUNA YOUR OWN MATATAHS' at everyone individually, that includes Izana
Nashuuki Nashuuki Sep 05, 2016
*mischievous laughter*
                              I dare Shirayuki to kiss Ryuu on his forehead