Barbie and Ken

Barbie and Ken

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Sharky By amateurinresidence Completed

#61 in Teen Fiction - 10/12/16

You wake up one morning to find your window wide open. You close it quickly and draw the blinds. You head to the dresser, to get ready for the day. You pull open a drawer and find nothing there. In fact, your entire wardrobe is empty except for a skimpy little outfit. 
  What do you do?
  Shout obscenities at your next door neighbour of course. 
  Leila Perez was quite content with her life. She was a half-Spanish girl that hid under skinny jeans, baggy tops and beanies. So when Castor Cruz moves in next door, she feels more noticed then ever. He spends his afternoons annoying her while she makes a fortune. He spends his school days annoying her while she studies. And he spends his nights annoying her while she sleeps. 
  But when Castor Cruz finds something out and steals her wardrobe... it's her turn to get revenge....

Used to be called The Nerdy Model & The Badboy Pranker
Written by Sharky
Cover by Nemofish13

YaraQashou YaraQashou Oct 19
Hey I'm too but if you get hate don't let em get to ya and be confident👌👍