Mine (Ereri Fanfiction/Smut)

Mine (Ereri Fanfiction/Smut)

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Nostalgic/Fangirl🐋 By fanfixqueen Updated Jul 04, 2017

Levi Ackerman is a male prostitute. He never thought he would actually become one, the only reason he was there in the first place was to pay off some things he owes. Then he finds out about all this gay - for - pay deal where basically you have sex for money. You only get rented for a short period to a year and then you're out unless purchased. Levi hates the idea of this.

Until one day he's rented for a man that will change his life in a painful, but passionate way. 

Eren Jaeger is a rich guy with lots of money and is mostly attracted to men. He loves coming home every so often to find a new boy to play with all thanks to his arrogant manager. But Eren has grown depressed since the men he has sex with only use him for money, and like him also only for his looks. 

Eren has no idea what's coming for him and neither does Levi.


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minjungie34 minjungie34 Sep 05, 2017
Omg.....kpoop! Yasssssss!! All my bae things in one fic😍😍
dbecrazy dbecrazy Jun 07, 2017
Levi: Boi I will come out here weighing 420 pounds blaze it bitch
dbecrazy dbecrazy Jun 07, 2017
Levi: Okay listen hoe I was dragged here against my will I don't appreciate this you should treat the people you're selling better you crusty ašs dusty ašs receding hairline ašs motherfûcker 
                              Put some respecc on my name and leave me the fück out of it
heichoulevi69 heichoulevi69 May 31, 2017
Jesus Levi you didn't have to go all the way there um.....I feel sad now
dbecrazy dbecrazy Jun 07, 2017
Why is it for girl are you saying Exo-l's can't be guys 😂
Mind534 Mind534 Aug 06, 2017