Catch Me If You Can (Naughty Cinderella - Vampire)

Catch Me If You Can (Naughty Cinderella - Vampire)

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Austin unclenched his jaw and spoke, "You're going to run from me." I was puzzled. What did he mean? He sensed my confusion. "As soon as we step foot onto human grounds," He spat out, jaw set, teeth clenched. He looked like a vampire at this exact moment. Angry, vicious, destructive. "You're going to want your life back. And leave me. Because you can't deal with a vampire. Because you're scared. Because you hate us." He averted his gaze from my shocked eyes and he spoke with ice in his tone. "And I can't let that happen."

"Listen human," Dmitri said to me, and he was in front of me in a millisecond, hands gripped on my shoulders, pinning my body against the balcony railing. His face was inches from mine. "This is not your place. I'd watch your mouth if I was you."

I shoved him but he didn't budge.

"You can't hurt me." I whispered.

"You're a HUMAN!" He yelled in my face gritting his teeth. "How'd you even make it here?"

I tried to take my hand away but he didn't allow me.
"What do you want from me, Dmitri?" I asked. I was shocked at how confident yet quiet voice sounded.
"What do I want?" He bellowed. "You're a human, vermin. This is the vampire world. I don't expect you have any need in this world. I WANT you to get out, stay away from this place, the castles, the people. Austin. Stay away from him." He stared me right in the eyes when he said the sentence that prepared me want to leave immediately.
"I'll have to kill you if you don't leave - and yes, it's a threat."

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Rise and shine dumb bîtch.
                                                           -Sarah Baska.
So like a wizard/ stalker/ vampire dude..... interesting. 😂 was I the only one who thought that?
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I can imagine this happening and then they both act normal as if she wasn't straddling him a second before 😅
Oh yes you kiss the kiddnaper because that won't lead to trouble NOT AT ALL
It's getting late and I cannot seem to find my way home tonight. Feels like I am falling down a rabbit hole, falling for forever wonderfully wondering alone.