The Woman that No One Noticed (girlxgirl)

The Woman that No One Noticed (girlxgirl)

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Amaris By Amarisa162 Updated Sep 20, 2017

Regina tilted her head to the side, as she, once again, gazed at Helena, admiring her natural beauty. "Can she be any more beautiful?" She thought. And then, as if in a trance, Regina hovered her hand over Helena's face, yearning to touch the perfect structure. She wanted to feel the warmth of her skin once more.

And there it was again. That other side of her. The side that seemed different somehow.

Dark hearts and dark minds. When one meddles in such dark things for so long, you begin to underestimate all of the demons that may awaken.

Regina's heart had contained so much darkness. She was consumed in ominous things and deceived by her ominous thoughts. But it wasn't her fault. She was just a child. Just a baby, needing someone to learn from.

And someone to play with...

It wasn't her fault that she had turned out the way that she did.

Though in that very moment, her eyes revealed a certain kind of softness. Her vulnerability was showing. The part of her that felt something.


A deaf reclusive woman, named Helena, lived her life dedicated to her university and her paying internship for a professional psychologist, for her sense of emotions had always been heightened. One day, however, she felt something within the walls, as if something, or someone, were lurking amongst it. Fearing that she couldn't hear anything, she pondered over the possibility of herself missing something.
Anyone could walk into the house without being noticed.

If a stalker wanted someone, for whatever the reason, Helena would have been the perfect prey...

But, if there really were an uninvited guess lurking within, how come she hadn't killed her yet? What is her motive?

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Why is she living completely alone shouldn't she have someone near her at least
SAMmy-squared SAMmy-squared Sep 09, 2016
I've been waiting for a story like this. Thanks for writing!
eddielovesgaga eddielovesgaga Sep 18, 2016
I loved your story!!❤️ Can you please check out my both of my stories? Please be sure to vote and comment! Thanks!
MagicalWriter22 MagicalWriter22 Sep 12, 2016
Wow, great start!! Definitely wants to make you keep reading :D
rameysshelby rameysshelby Sep 13, 2016
That could be justified as her falling in love but at the same time it could also be taken as creepy I think she should take the first step and try taking to her. Not breaking in her home and watching her sleep.
- - Sep 10, 2016
What the hell was she doing in her house? If she hadn't fallen asleep and had found her. Different scenario. Sorry I was just thinking about it.