I'm Natsu Of Sabertooth ~Book 1~ [Stingsu]

I'm Natsu Of Sabertooth ~Book 1~ [Stingsu]

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Oh Snap Itz Danny By NightRaven15 Updated 11 hours ago

You've seen stories about Lucy being kicked out of the guild, leaving, etc. But what about Natsu?

Natsu has been accused of killing Gray and gets kicked out of the guild. He finally decides to join Sabertooth. When the Grand Magic Games come up Natsu uses this chance to get revenge on Fairy Tail and to get Sabertooth on the top. 

"Watch your back, Fairy Tail." 

"I just don't get it. You're the Salamander of Fairy Tail! How could you join Sabertooth?" Lucy shouted

"That's where you're wrong, Lucy. Fairy Tail kicked me out, they betrayed me, including you. And i am not the Salamander of Fairy Tail anymore. I'm Natsu of Sabertooth." I said.

And with that i walked back to the Sabertooth stands, leaving Lucy speechless...

Harsh. I imagine the scenery of fairy tailwhen theyre staring at natsu. Lols
leyna1040 leyna1040 Sep 07
CONTINUE!!!!!!!! I WANT IT TODAY!!!! JK IM NOT MAD IM JUST SOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Right when he isplanning a revenge for fairy tail including happy.thenhappycomes hahahahahha
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I'm so happy this came out!!!!! Ahhhhh fan girling!!!!!!!!!!
Uhm.. You haven't seen my story yet?? BTW. Your story is cooil