The Truth in Pain | Book Two of the In Pain Trilogy

The Truth in Pain | Book Two of the In Pain Trilogy

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jmwhite By janmwhite Updated Dec 16, 2017

Jasmine Wynter had a normal life. She grew up in a tiny community in Dement with her parents and her two sisters. She had a best friend, she was working towards her law degree, everything was okay.

That is, until she lost her necklace. The beautiful tiny pearl always hanging around her neck was taken off one day and vampires attacked her. She had nowhere to run, no way of defending herself against rabid, supernatural creatures. She couldn't protect herself and it was by the grace of the gods did she not die that night.

Jasmine soon found out that her life is not as normal as she first thought. Her mother kept an important secret from her, one that protected her, but left her unprepared for what was to come.

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- - Mar 28, 2017
Ikr! My mom always tell me to wear clothes when I'm at home but, wth, I'm at home, I don't need clothes.
- - Mar 28, 2017
_autumngirl_ _autumngirl_ Sep 21, 2016
                              Alright I guess I have started the wrong book but nonetheless its worth it. I really like the plot assessment and the flow. Keep working and giving us good work to read. ✌
guccidiva guccidiva Oct 27, 2016
I hate it when awesome books don't get the credit and attention it deserves. I personally love this book and I am going. To spread it far and wide
DiscardedMarionette DiscardedMarionette Oct 29, 2016
I. AM. HERE!!!!
                              The queen has arrived. Yes, yes, you may bow down. I'm so excited to start another journey with you!
_autumngirl_ _autumngirl_ Sep 21, 2016
I always love your writing and this is another set of brilliance. Nice work ✌ I don't find much mistakes and the story is as always well sorted. Good job.  #EBC