Love Me, Taste Me (MxM Oneshots)

Love Me, Taste Me (MxM Oneshots)

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Daddy's hand laces on to my messy blonde hair. He pulls my lust filled face up and says, "Daddy doesn't like it when you tease him. Use that mouth for what it's meant for: Sucking my cock."

~Competition for Daddy

If you couldn't tell from that excerpt, this book will obviously have some kinky sex scenes. Oneshots are pretty much short stories, except a lot shorter. All of my oneshots will include love between two males. So if you're not very open-minded, this might not be for you.

And if this isn't your usual thing to read, feel free to get a good laugh out of it.

I wrote this because... I've already read so many bxb oneshots, I thought I would give it a try. So if this has any spelling errors, please comment and I'll make sure to change it. I'm only human of course.

Also, as a side note, if you're a graphic designer or can make wattpad book covers, I'd be more than happy to get a new cover. Just give me a message! :)


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I'm gonna say this again. "Who else thought that DP meant Double Penis?" I CANNOT BE THE ONLY ONE!
jakrispy566 jakrispy566 Aug 19
I love that show but sadly my mom disconnected Netflix so I couldn't watch it anymore
Bruh, my friend has a seven inch cóck and he’s in 6th grade
sscho73131 sscho73131 Jun 18
Ughhh my ex boyfriend's name is Seth😐 is this what he dumped me for? Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised.
Yes it is! Tamaki- The school is obviously a romantic school comedy, that's means Haruhi and I are the main characters, so that means we're live interests!
                              Twins- Yeah? Then what are we?
                              Tamaki- You boys, are the homosexual supporting cast!
I've been trying to find my daily dose of incest EVERYWHERE! Thank you.