Agree or Disagree (mature version)

Agree or Disagree (mature version)

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Note: this story contains mature themes! (AKA: not for kids! Duh...) Please see "Agree or Disagree" for all-audience prompts!


_QuickSilverWolf _QuickSilverWolf 13 hours ago
I feel like neither because to me it depends on a lot of different factors. Plus I don't even get why anyone says it in the first place. White or not, I just don't see a point to it.
jojishoeji jojishoeji 3 days ago
idc as long as it's not being used in a racist way
                              its all about context
vixenskies vixenskies 18 hours ago
disagree; lol what if you end up marrying someone who isnt good in that area like no thank youuuu
pampom123 pampom123 5 days ago
There was a girl a my school she had a fight with a "colored" boy and she called stupid N...a and then I became very angry at her but she said she didn't mean to say that to me (I'm "colored" too) but I said if she calls someone N she is calling every "colored" person N
KingAnastasia KingAnastasia 5 days ago
Nope. Black people can say it. In a way, it's us reclaiming the word if that makes sense? Same way us girls are reclaiming hoe and slut as words so they won't have meaning when guys call them that. Say the word and you're not black, I will pop you point blank. No questions asked.
I personally agree, but it's your own choice about what you do