Agree or Disagree (mature version)

Agree or Disagree (mature version)

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Note: this story contains mature themes! (AKA: not for kids! Duh...) Please see "Agree or Disagree" for all-audience prompts!


pacmun pacmun 4 days ago
Agree. I don't think anyone should say it anyways, no matter race. I can see why people think it's disrespectful when white people say it
Its fine if the person they're calling the n word is totally OK with it and its not an insult
Hahaha_wifi Hahaha_wifi 4 days ago
Agree. It's just not okay period no matter what race you are. Even it's just the word nigga
KenyRockey KenyRockey 6 days ago
Disagree. If the human race is to ever find peace through the pigmentation of the skin, we must set simple words aside
Disagree (if white ppl are not a loud to say it neither should be other races)
Phan_Trash_33 Phan_Trash_33 4 days ago
Saying it as a joke and not directed towards someone I think is okay but saying it to someone in a rude way is not okay