Agree or Disagree (mature version)

Agree or Disagree (mature version)

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JCB By JaneConquestBackup Updated Nov 08, 2017

Do you agree or disagree? Comment below!


Note: this story contains mature themes! (AKA: not for kids! Duh...) Please see "Agree or Disagree" for all-audience prompts!


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sweatingicecubes sweatingicecubes 3 days ago
disagree, its up to the couple when they feel comfortable which can definitely be before marriage
Felfire990 Felfire990 Mar 07
Disagree, I believe that you should do whatever gives you pleasure at any time and moment
Gayyyybriel Gayyyybriel Mar 05
Agree, but that's just because of my religion. For me and others in my religion, yeah I would agree but for people who don't have the belief whatever dude. You do you
Disagree. If you want to do it, do it. Don't let a few vows and wedding cake get in the way of it.
X_jesusofsuburbia_X X_jesusofsuburbia_X 17 hours ago
disagree. if you want to do it, but don't shame people who don't
Disagree, sex is simple animal nature, not a restriction to the married