AU Sans x Reader Lemons and Oneshots

AU Sans x Reader Lemons and Oneshots

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Kayla       I.G.H By TheGamer120X Updated 2 days ago

•Requests open•

This is an AU Sans x reader lemons and Oneshots only, NO OC's. 
I know A LOT of AU Sans but if you have any different Sans AU I haven't heard about tell me.

Don't worry I never Kink shame someone so don't forget to mention any kinks you'd like!~

littlekat99 littlekat99 Sep 04
HI!! So, I asked a question on the underprimal x reader and I was wondering if you could answer it?? The question is only a few comments down and I'm very curious. If you don't have time or the answers I understand. Thank you!
Ooo I recently noticed you can request one of your ocs can I request evil ink x slave dream x reader if that's okay lemon?
Vampire!Encere x Non-Vampire reader lemon
                              Can Encere also be in skele-heat too? Plz and tank u
NaJ Killer x Bunny Girl! Reader (lol swrry if i repeated myself X3)
Poketale and Trainertale are completely different things. In Trainertale, Sans is an elite four. In Poketale, Sans is a Cubone. Remember that.
Can u do Dom!Reboot x sub!reader x Dom!Eraser lemon and daddy kink plz