Voltron: Legendary Defenders One Shots

Voltron: Legendary Defenders One Shots

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☆ 707 ☆ By _luser_ Updated Oct 10, 2016

just a book of one shots

only x readers


• Shiro x Reader
• Lance x Reader
• Keith x Reader
• Male!Pidge x Reader
• Lance x Reader

♡ Shiro x Reader
♡ Female!Pidge x Reader
♡ Shiro x Reader
♡ Male!Pidge x Reader

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  • takashishiro
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Adreinchatnoir Adreinchatnoir Jun 01, 2017
Shy! keith x reader
                              Reader is shy but bravely becomes friends with keith. When keith gets hurt she knows just what to do. She was a medic but did not do anything for the team other than that. When keith drowns she preforms Cpr and saves him. Then derectly after that they kiss?
_bring_bleach _bring_bleach Nov 15, 2017
doesnt keith mean forest
                              his name mean forest gold
                              oml i just realized that
GreenieFangirl GreenieFangirl Apr 08, 2017
                              You're a peasant Lance; therefore your statement is irrelevant to me.
                              (Hoists Shiro up)
Can I request a Mean!EasilyFlushered! Keith(or lance) x Flirty!French reader
KittyKatShmeow KittyKatShmeow Feb 16, 2017
Trans!Lance x Male!Reader? Or just Lance x Male!Reader. Either is fine. Oh and Insucure!Lance because there isn't enough of that
Lou_0111 Lou_0111 Oct 18, 2016
Pidge x fem reader! I dont care what gender pidge has, as long as it. Is. PIDGE!(im obessedXD)