Luka (bxbxbxb)

Luka (bxbxbxb)

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MindlessPlague By MindlessPlague Updated Jan 03, 2017

He only knows pain and torture.  In his eyes life is serving his pack and their needs, yet they only repay him with scars.

Abandoned at a young age he never thought he was special, but everyone else could see that he was.  As an omega he is treated like dirt; which is expected.  Due to his outlandish and attractive features many have tried to force a mate bond with him.

What happens when he meets his mate(s)?

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  • omega
  • romance
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  • werewolf
Theastic_2002 Theastic_2002 May 15, 2017
Dream on.....btw dreams are free so it's okay to dream they're freeeeeeeeee
Aunia_ Aunia_ May 18, 2017
Me in class:
                              After my teacher said math final, I sort of forgot to listen. I was too busy planning my funeral.
HopeDaughterOfHades HopeDaughterOfHades Mar 28, 2017
Bianca di Angelo???
                              Please tell me im not the only one who though of her
zombielover1129 zombielover1129 Oct 12, 2017
Whoa whoa there àsssucker you can just do that! What if his mate is not of the pack!?
hybridGirle hybridGirle Apr 01, 2017
in The background A song name " Grow " its Matching The Part.
lovelu34 lovelu34 Jun 25, 2017
Let's see. You are
                              A main character? Check.
                              In a book? Check.
                              Is the book on wattpad? Check.
                              Yeah, no hon. But a guy can dream.