About Christina

About Christina

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sam_sam16 By sam_sam16 Updated Jul 17, 2017

She wasn't perfect. Her skin wasn't flawless. Her hair wasn't silky. Her nose wasn't poised. Her body wasn't in the shape of an hour glass. She didn't wear make-up. She didn't dress up. Her posture wasn't straight. Nothing about her was stunning.

Despite all this, she made all the girls go crazy for her. All the girls wanted her attention, her kisses, her touch, her love. 

What was it about Christina Walsh that made every girl drool for her then? What was it about her that made every girl beg for her? 

That's what I want to find out.


"Oh my god I'm so sorry." I said looking at her with a sincere look. 

She looked back up at me and tilted her head to the side as if examining me. 

She was taller than me by at least two inches. Her hair was dark brown and fell in waves that passed beyond her shoulders. 

I noticed one of her eyes was just a bit smaller than the other and she had some scars on her face. 

There was nothing special about her, she was ordinary as many girls yet something about her was off.

"You know that cost seven bucks right?" She spoke in a low voice that held authority.

"Seven?" I said not believing it.

"It's Starbucks honey. What do you expect?" She said.

"Right." I said looking at the empty cup and coffee drink spilled all over the floor.

"You know this is the part where you say, 'Let me buy you another drink.' It's what normal people do." She said leaning against the wall as she crossed her arms.

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phiilliips phiilliips Mar 21, 2017
The opposite of me. I don't gain or lose. I just stay near overweight.
Meromer15 Meromer15 Sep 24, 2017
All my friends think I'm to skinny but its just my genetics,  I'm not white btw
iamchrisy iamchrisy Apr 04
Who else saw their name and was like "mm what about Christina?" 😂👋
csharp743 csharp743 Sep 14, 2016
Oh my God you write so amazingly!! I can't wait to read this book and follow along with your updates. I have read a majority of your books and I have loved them all and I know I will love this one :) Please update soon!! :)
PiercingEyes PiercingEyes Sep 06, 2016
I like it... And I really like your style in general @sam_sam16, so keep up the good work!
csharp743 csharp743 Sep 14, 2016
Sorry messed up in my comment about reading a majority of your books because in fact I have read all your books on wattpad