Mystic Messenger Yandere X Reader

Mystic Messenger Yandere X Reader

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epicfail4me By epicfail4me Updated Oct 01, 2016

Mystic Messenger MC going into the Bad End Route

Read that? Bad End


B A D  E N D ! !

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Omg! Don't Zen darling Don't! Don't back out. 
                              This story is like the more you read the more DARK it gets. AND I AM............. 
                              LOVING IT!!!!
*grabs phone and calls 707" SAEYOUNG! ZEN MIGHT RAPE CHIYO!!!!
the endless, bottomless abyss know as my room * attempts to get out of my room again but falls into the endless piles of clothes *
Hinoki-Chan Hinoki-Chan Jul 23
I know that feeling. That's basically the outcome of everything I do.
"sucking my life out" 
                              *inhales* Ok I have two things to say about that sentence.
                              1. that sound wrong
                              2. i have no life
Hinoki-Chan Hinoki-Chan Jul 23
Does that mean you were worried about me?! I'm so happy! You will be mine forever! And if you resist, you die! Who's the Yandere now, bitches?!