Mystic Messenger Yandere X Reader

Mystic Messenger Yandere X Reader

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epicfail4me By epicfail4me Updated Oct 01, 2016

Warning: forced actions, dark flags are raising

"Chiyo, do you want some tea? Water?... Do you want me to go get something?"

Zen asked me warmly with an assuring smile as soon as I sitted on the sofa looking quite bewildered from all the events in Rika's apartment. I recalled what just happened.

Unknown came and tried to kidnapped me. I was really scared as Unknown was holding me but I tried my very best to act calmly. 

Zen came and saved me before Unknown could take me away.

I could still feel my entire body trembling like I was dropped in the cold abyss, sucking my life out.

"--yo, Chiyo?" 

A worried voice is calling my name. I woke up from my thoughts and looked up to meet the eyes of the owner. Zen was standing in front of me with a concerned look. 

For a split second, Zen saw the fright in my brown orbs before I averted them from him.

"Oh... I'm sure you're still nervous being on your own."

His hand went to my pale cheek softly caressing it before pulling my face up to m...

Omg! Don't Zen darling Don't! Don't back out. 
                              This story is like the more you read the more DARK it gets. AND I AM............. 
                              LOVING IT!!!!
*grabs phone and calls 707" SAEYOUNG! ZEN MIGHT RAPE CHIYO!!!!
the endless, bottomless abyss know as my room * attempts to get out of my room again but falls into the endless piles of clothes *
Hinoki-Chan Hinoki-Chan Jul 23
I know that feeling. That's basically the outcome of everything I do.
"sucking my life out" 
                              *inhales* Ok I have two things to say about that sentence.
                              1. that sound wrong
                              2. i have no life
Hinoki-Chan Hinoki-Chan Jul 23
Does that mean you were worried about me?! I'm so happy! You will be mine forever! And if you resist, you die! Who's the Yandere now, bitches?!