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Little Alpha

Little Alpha

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Foxie2012 By Foxie2012 Updated Nov 02, 2016

Serenity Johnson is a omega and the packs slave they keep her way from everyone. Because they say she's a killer but the truth is she's not. Even though no one wants to believe her Serenity thinks her mate will believe her and love her no matter what. She was wrong about that one now Serenity thinks she's alone but she's not.

annalux annalux Sep 28, 2016
"I love your story! 😱❤Keep up the hard work! Could you please read mine?
liofrancis liofrancis Nov 24, 2016
Great so far. Does need some work-  editing. Examples of such; through- threw or torched-tortured. No mean to judge or dictate bit yh
ReniitaWare ReniitaWare Oct 03, 2016
Oh well you got to do what you have to in order to survive maybe when she gets on her feet she can pay him back  😇
ReniitaWare ReniitaWare Oct 03, 2016
Wow Karma is a *itch it's going to come back and kick his door down 👹and leave him crying for his Moma 👹
TonyaPowell3 TonyaPowell3 Nov 11, 2016
My sweet, it's a good story. Needs editing, please. Consider asking for help.
barbie66 barbie66 Nov 02, 2016
Shitttttt .... what an assssssswhol. dare you do that to her....😯😕😔🙁