You wish you knew me now (editing)

You wish you knew me now (editing)

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Mariah was raped, bullied, abused and rejected by her own mate. 

Her own flesh and blood never cared about her, made her life hell.  But once she gets kicked out of her own pack, she starts a new life. With her little baby by her side.  

 But she has nothing, no family or a job.  When a generous offer is given she accepts it. She moves in with James who gives her a new beginning. 

But when she comes back to her hometown were all the tragedy struck, the people who once hurt her wants a fresh start. But she's not willing to give in that easily.

Watch the incredible journey of a broken  women.

                              "Huffing and puffing and blowing houses down"
patchy0123 patchy0123 Sep 05
Only for filipino readers......
                              Guys ♩🎶🎵Maria Mercedes ang pangalan ko! Sa aking pamilya tumutulong ako🎶🎵 😂😂
keelyj21 keelyj21 Sep 05
She should have reject him there so everyone would see his pain and know he was lying
Anna1annie2 Anna1annie2 6 days ago
Wow congrats🎉🎉You had ONE job.ONE.You could not even do that and how the heck were you a luna.
mike12390 mike12390 Aug 20
Animals by maroon 5 just had to be playing on my phone while I was reading this
someppltho someppltho 21 hours ago
Srly? My father taught me if someone hits you hard then you come back and hit them harder