You wish you knew me now (editing)

You wish you knew me now (editing)

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Mariah was raped, bullied, abused and rejected by her own mate. 

Her own flesh and blood never cared about her, made her life hell.  But once she gets kicked out of her own pack, she starts a new life. With her little baby by her side.  

 But she has nothing, no family or a job.  When a generous offer is given she accepts it. She moves in with James who gives her a new beginning. 

But when she comes back to her hometown were all the tragedy struck, the people who once hurt her wants a fresh start. But she's not willing to give in that easily.

Watch the incredible journey of a broken  women.

Im_more_than_insane Im_more_than_insane Oct 01, 2016
But your everything to your daughter don't let them get to you cause your daughter needs you
MissPrecious12 MissPrecious12 Dec 19, 2016
shout it out to the world 
                              U ARE AN IMNDEPENDENT STRONG WOMAN!!!!!!!!
fxckAduck fxckAduck Oct 18, 2016
O baby baby yea i still believe O yeah .....
                              Give me a siiiiigggggnnnnn hit me baby one more time.....
This is how I am but I'm not strong I'm lazy but I don't date people cause they will just break my heart and I'm already broken
OneAwkwardPerson OneAwkwardPerson Dec 13, 2016
*tears up* Its like me....except I'd never have a kid, but I'm a strong independent woman too
ItzObvious ItzObvious Oct 08, 2016
Omg I finally found a story with my name except it's spelled Moriah so yeah 😂