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Destiny Chose Us || Chat Noir/Adrien X Reader

Destiny Chose Us || Chat Noir/Adrien X Reader

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Ore0Skii By Galerii Updated Apr 13

•D E S T I N Y  C H O S E  U S•
      You, Y/N L/N, were a widely known model from New York, also known as the 'Big Apple', and has a Mom, who was a well-known top designer who designed most of the clothing you wore when modelling, and a father who is a busy businessman who sponsors most of the brands and companies you modeled for, and was given credit for. You and your mom moved to Paris, the City of Love, for a business trip.
      Another thing about you is, you were a miraculous holder. You own the cheetah miraculous. Chichi, your cheetah kwami, told you everything you needed to know about being a miraculous holder. You're name was 'Cheetah' You didn't fight crime and things of the sort because citizens from New York weren't being akumatized. Little did you know that the akumatized victims are located in Paris.
      On your journey, you met a boy, who you became close with. But, you met another, who was a miraculous holder, but never knew his true identity. Who would you fall for? No need to choose when they're just the same person...
      I do not own Miraculous Ladybug, it is created and owned by Thomas Astruc. I only own the plot of the story and your kwami. You own yourself
  {Is currently re-reading and re-writing some parts}
      Whoo, that was a long description. The longest I'd ever done actually...
      SO! I've seen a lot of these and thought "Hey, why don't I do one as well?"
      And here it is!
      So, enjoy

zgarcia5 zgarcia5 May 01
                              (P.s ATX Dance Company is my parents real job lol)
No thanks! I have claws ya know! Look into my story Midnight Kitty (cat noir) 
                              You might learn that about me.
                              Pale green 
                              Waist length 
Oh I thought the title was "Destiny Chose US" like US in United States XDD
Hey!! That's so cool! I have a fan fiction book about a girl name Ashley and she is a miraculous holder to. Her kwami is Lily who is a cheetah kwami and her superheroine name is Cheetah 😱😱😱😱😂
I forgot how to use a nunchunk. Someone taught me at a worldwide culture festival. Man. Those nunchunk were sure heavy.