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they both are best friends!

Adrian and Alice are best friends .Their families are really close . Adrian lives in Alice's house as Adrian's parents live out of town for work .Their parents are best of friends too so their friendship grows with day!

but is it just friendship?

In Adrian's words it is! 

Being the smartest player of the school , girls adore him but Alice doesn't like it! She isn't jealous in her 'words', she is just 'angry that he breaks several hearts.'

Alice is pretty under those specs but she is always under the spell of maths or chemistry so she doesn't have time for a Makeover!.

Adrian took her first kiss and all after that but he still call it a friendship act. 

Will their life ever change?

don't know whether u will like the story or not !!

it is somewhat similar to some stories but it is Different .The story won't consist of drama! it is humor. It is a teenage love fiction!

The story will lie just on their point of views not on the unnecessary people.

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KhiKhiBennett KhiKhiBennett May 23, 2017
Urgh Adrian why? You take liberty of having Allie as your Best Friend but you constantly disregard her private space ... with your new flavour of the week.... sorry I should actually see the full picture and not react to Just one perspective....
Ugne_bieskyte Ugne_bieskyte Nov 02, 2016
wow u already made me fall in love in love with this book by reading this intro u go girl 👍👍
silver_moon_undead silver_moon_undead Jul 13, 2016
I just finished watching me before u, and these chapters warmed my heart can't wait for this book *tear*
CliffeShyna CliffeShyna Sep 22, 2013
Thanks n yeah I will....u can checkout my other book !!its almost complete..:)