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Shyna Cliffe By CliffeShyna Updated Jun 25, 2017

Marriage changes everything!
feelings, people and life

Savannah and Aaron are two distinct people .Savannah is a accounts agent in Aaron's company. She is in love with him and soon all her dreams come true when he confesses his love for her.
  But happiness is short lived. When Savannah gets married, Aaron makes it clear that he doesn't want a child. Faith has different intentions though and soon, Savannah is pregnant. She gives birth to a boy. 

Three years later, she receives a text from her husband's phone and her life takes another turn. The four letter text makes it clear that Aaron doesn't love her anymore. Savannah decides to leave him and begin a new life. 

Aaron is completely in the dark about her departure and is furious. Aaron, who is believed to be in an affair with his secretary June, is determined to get his own revenge. 

 Savannah with the help of Matt, who secretly loves her, lives her life happily and independently. Meanwhile, Aaron is in search of his estranged wife. He wants Savannah and their son back in his life but will Savannah ever take him back?

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vpriyanshi vpriyanshi May 03, 2017
I am a newbie. 
                              please read if you get time. Thanks :)
                              I loved the story :D
ladefati ladefati Feb 08, 2017
Ownnn, so busy. Just not! One of both: avoiding you or cheating on you.
LaheyLoverK LaheyLoverK Jan 12, 2017
You shouldn't have to text him to get that. He should be bringing you roses.
idontcare176 idontcare176 Sep 08, 2015
Aaron seems like a total complete dick head. Sorry for rudeness
xoxocookiegirlxoxo xoxocookiegirlxoxo Sep 08, 2015
Hello :D This might seem a little random but I found your story through undiscovered gems and to be honest I really like it. The whole perfect family thing, the husband with anger issue and breaking up on anniversary, really awesome flow :) Safe to say u earned a fan.