{COMPLETED} My Little Princess ~Memories and Reasons~ (Obi x Reader)

{COMPLETED} My Little Princess ~Memories and Reasons~ (Obi x Reader)

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Ōrora Kirari By OororaKirari Completed

"I'm different from any other princesses. I'm different from any other people. Am I even a human?" 

People have their own reason to live. What if a person only remember her name and doesn't remember anything about her? 

You are the only princess from (your kingdom's name). You aren't just an ordinary princess. You aren't a princessy girl. You have a very good reflexes and very good on combat. To be exact, abnormal physical power. (y/k/n) has a close relationship with Clarines. One day, Zen ask you to come to Clarines to help him on things. You met many people, including Obi. That's when it all started.

Will you found your purpose to live? And will you remember the memories of the past? And will you affect Obi's feelings to Shirayuki? 

And it seems that you have a secret that you don't even know yourself. Plus, your past with Obi and your real identity?!

(This fanfic consists of short chapters, maximum words: 1464)


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