starbound - scomiche

starbound - scomiche

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waddicus By waddicus Updated Oct 14, 2016

"Don't you understand? He's the bad guy, plain and simple!"

"Plain and simple? Doesn't he have, like, an ulterior motive or something?"

Avi stared at him with his red and green eyes so intensely that Mitch was afraid he'd catch on fire. "Ever seen Star Wars?"

"Of course I have."

Avi shoved the gun into his chest. "He's the dark side, and you are the light. Don't get the two mixed up." And then he was brushing past Mitch and barking an order at Kevin, and Mitch was left to stare at the foreign weapon in his hands, wondering how he'd gotten himself into this intergalactic mess in the first place.


ptx/science fiction au

All my favorite things (excluding Star Wars) in one, is this a f*cking dream?
urbiah urbiah Sep 16, 2016
I don't know what this is, but I love it and it needs to be a movie
The_derpette The_derpette Oct 16, 2016
"'Ey Barry look, it's a great big blooming spaceship! They're taking our neighbor's young 'un with em!"
                              "Linda, I ain't sure what to do, let's go inside and make some biscuits."
FlameTornado FlameTornado Sep 07, 2016
Hold on! Avi tell Kev to turn around. You guys forgot Wy Wy! And yeah....Scott stop thinking with your downstairs head please. Trying to get the rest of the crew killed so you can have fun with an alien queen.
Maja_SH_PTX Maja_SH_PTX Feb 25
I don't really like star wars and things like that, but damn... It's already awesome!