Incest siblings  (Watamote)

Incest siblings (Watamote)

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Warning if you don't like incest, don't read!

Based of anime called Watamote (tomoko x tomoki) Tomoko, who is a loner and has no friends the only person she really has is her onii-chan tomoki. However tomoki holds more then sibling love for her and can't hold back his feelings any longer.

Domochapter Domochapter Mar 18
When I read the lines about the panties. I was like "Things got werid real  quick" *internal screaming*
Dommy_Chan Dommy_Chan Apr 04
Opposite character from the anime but who cares, it's your story anyway. I support you!!!
jadahemmon jadahemmon Aug 08
I support but.    * pulls out a knife* Good bye world *stabbings my self to death* 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Caramel_Cookie-chan Caramel_Cookie-chan Nov 20, 2016
Welp. I'm on the weird side of wattpad, might as well go along. XD
-hellishues -hellishues Oct 07, 2016
I already was telling myself not to ship the incest but I guess that decision is out the window now that I started reading this.
TheTitanKiller TheTitanKiller Sep 18, 2016
She's his big sis, not his little sis. He's the younger brother