Nalu: The Pirate Duo (completed)

Nalu: The Pirate Duo (completed)

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mawsome99 By mawsome99 Completed

Sequel to 'Nalu: The Pirate Princess'. 

Lucy has had many adventures with Fairytail. She was captured. She made new friends. She found a dog. Became a shipper. Saved Natsu from hi demon form. Helped Acnologia. And finally, realised her feelings for Natsu.

Our story begins three years after the dance....

(May change name depending on the votes on the first one....also....I OWN NOTHING ALL RIGHTS TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS!)

Lucy it's been 3 years and he's seen ya naked get a grip woman😹😹
umm... Is this going to be lemon? I hope not.. Love stories don't love lemon.
I want the boys to stalk the springs again!!! 😂👍        PLEASE!!!
NaLufan2 NaLufan2 Jul 21
I actually have a horse he's a 6 year old  thoroughbred and his name is joey.
I love the names escpialy nalu....stikes and celestial's child
MissNevy MissNevy Mar 21
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