Dramione:  WANTED

Dramione: WANTED

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Nightshade By kitcatkandy Completed

Hermione Granger, Gryffindor's Good Girl, Head Girl, Cleverest Witch of her Age, Nice to even the lowest of the low, Charity starter, Best Friend, Savior of the World, Best Auror in the making...Wanted for MURDER.

Now, how does that even make sense?

Draco wants to know...don't you?

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Poor pansy, I don’t really like her but she creates drama with Draco and his love life and without her those books wouldn’t exist
TheSnakeUnicorn TheSnakeUnicorn 2 days ago
rr first book I read on Wattpad! And favorite Dramione fanfic!! 😍
TheSnakeUnicorn TheSnakeUnicorn 2 days ago
Her parents thought she was phsyco and they didn't even no who Hermione was cuz she brain washed them with odlivate😂😂😂😏😏
TheSnakeUnicorn TheSnakeUnicorn 2 days ago
 #rr NOOOOOO not Kingsley!!! I don't remember him dying 😭😭😭😭
justalittlebasic justalittlebasic Dec 31, 2017
ah yes of course. a murderer leaving that kind of evidence of themselves. after watching so many murder mystery shows it makes me annoyed that not one person didn’t think to look at other people, because /they had all the evidence right there/
potterhead413 potterhead413 Dec 30, 2017
If she drank it and told the truth this whole mess wouldn’t happen.
                              But then Draco isn’t here yet so let’s wait.