Boy Meets Bitch -BoyXBoy-

Boy Meets Bitch -BoyXBoy-

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got cake? By writing_is_a_dream Updated Feb 28, 2017

Ben Judson. The 16 year old who lost his brother when he was only a small little boy. Nothing had changed much since Keaton passed. They still didn't have much money, His mom was still sweet as sugar and his dad was still the same old kind but hard man. 

     Ohh but then there was Brookline Hamilton. Yes, his name was actually Brookline. Hottest junior in the history of poke fields highschool. 17, tall, football player with those green eyes that could light you on fire. He was perfect. 

     So when these two collide, its nothing short of a cliché BOYXBOY story gone terribly right. 

    (I would suggest you do read the first book Rich Meets Poor before this one. Just to get some of the references. But its not completely necessary)

Warning: BoyxBoy material. Extremely cliché but also beautiful

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galacticyano galacticyano Aug 02, 2017
Omg BEN is my favorite character already decided nothing can change my mind
SickBitch54 SickBitch54 Oct 01, 2017
At my school I have a locker by the hottest kid and I have 3-6 of my classes with him and I sit by him in all of them
Why do I feel the same about the people I see when I walk into school
Thatoneweirdfangirl0 Thatoneweirdfangirl0 Aug 07, 2017
The fact that its not even the 4th paragraph that he's this sarcastic I'd pleasantly concerning
fearthepenguin fearthepenguin Jul 19, 2017
He's attractive, but I can't see myself having an actual relationship with him.
dmjodear dmjodear Aug 10, 2017
I've come to a conclusion....
                              What's that one saying? Something about not belonging or doesn't fit, idk. Whatever it is, it matches that face. Photoshop??
                              (It reminds me of Sims 4 characters my sister makes.)